Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

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To apply for employment by the City of Norway (regardless of the department or position you are interested in), fill out the application found HERE, add a cover letter and resume, and mail or return to:
P.O. Box 99 / 915 
Main Street, Norway, MI 49870.
Call 906-563-9961 
Or email cityclerk@norwaymi.gov with questions.

Use the same application to apply to the Norway Volunteer Fire Department (NVFD). 

The Norway-Vulcan area demonstrates a remarkable level of citizen engagement in organizations, volunteer work, and public events.  If you or someone you know is applying to a school, or for a job, remember that many colleges, universities, and employers look for volunteer work on candidates' applications and resumes.  Don't assume that because it wasn't a great paycheck, it doesn't demonstrate a great work ethic.

If you're a community member with an interest in the Jake Menghini Historical Museum, or simply in trying something new, consider becoming one of next summer's tour guides. Visit the museum's page, and contact Ms. Cris Hamlin.

Calling youth organizations who would like to take part in one of our community's most significant annual events.  Ever been to the Avenue of Flags?  It's a ceremony, at the cemetery, held for Norway's own servicemen killed in action.  The VFW could use your help folding flags, some of which were given to the VFW by families of the fallen troops.  This is not a noisy day at the jungle gymthis is a solemn ritual carried out for those who gave their lives to protect ours.  Start earning your stripes andask about volunteering next Memorial Day.

Thank you for your civic engagement

City of Norway / City Hall
915 Main Street / P.O. Box 99
Norway, MI 49870-0099