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It's time to get growing on 2017's Spring Planting Program!  Place a tax-deductible order to have a tree planted in your boulevard, or, purchase one to plant in your yard.  Order forms in print are available at City Hall.  Completed forms must be submitted by Friday, March 17th for priority of tree type requests.  Read the new and beautifully-written article, by our own local forester Otto Jacob, on planting and caring for newly-planted trees.  Keep an eye out for a second article, coming soon.
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Questions about your new utility bill?
View a sample, with explanations.

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New Sign Fall 2015

This long-awaited, prominent sign was created and installed by
Xcell Graphix--and what an
Xcellent job they did!
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View Norway's 2014 Water Quality Report.
View Norway's Renewable Energy Plan.

What and Where to Recycle

Our compost site, for use by City residents, is located at the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) just off US 8, south of Danielson’s Greenhouse (the physical address is N1700 US Highway 8). Compost items include grass clippings, leaves, and brush; drop off these items daily, at no charge.  

We have a recycling container, also for use by City residents, located at the Department of Public Works (DPW; 400 Tenth Avenue).  Recycle paper, #1 and #2 plastics, and tin cans.  We have two dumpsters for scrap iron.  We do not take cardboard.  Recycle daily at no charge; scrap iron must be dropped off during hours of operation (non-holiday weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).        

Residents of any city or township in Dickinson County may bring used oil and batteries to the Dickinson County Solid Waste Processing Facility (Great American Disposal) in Quinnesec (W7702 US 2), at no charge.  They collect tires for a fee according to size.  They’re open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (noon).  On questionable items, call 774-5680 first.  For more information, link to

For 2017 Q3/Q4 there is a 40% bonus on projects that install a process VFD or install DLC Premium listed LED lighting. The total 2017 budget for these bonus’ is only $500.

Efficiency  UNITED also offers rebates through their Home Performance and Appliance  Recycling programs.  Ask our local representative, Jeff Forbes, for  more information on these; 715-495-7604, or  

Rebate Off Your Bill

Efficiency UNITED is offering customers of the City of Norway's Department of Power & Light opportunities to decrease the electricity charges on your utility bill while improving your home’s--and your business's--energy efficiency.  And when your building is more energy-efficient, it costs less to power in the long run.

To participate in this year's Rebate Off Your Bill program, please follow these easy steps:
1.  Save your receipt from the ENERGY STAR®
purchase.  (Eligible items may be purchased at any location.)
2.  Save proof of the item having ENERGY STAR qualifications. 
(Example:  A product label or description.)
3.  Bring both items to Norway City Hall at 915 Main Street,


*Eligible items and rebate amounts are subject to change;
 New listings are posted as they become available.   

LED bulbs, - $1.00
LED fixtures; $8.00
Ceiling fan including Energy Star light kit; $10.00
Clothes washers, - Electric WH;  $25.00
Clothes dryers - Electric w. moisture sensor; $25.00
Dehumidifiers; $15.00
Dishwashers, Electric Water Heater; $25.00
Room air conditioner; $25.00
  Television, 41" or larger; $25.00

See the eligible commercial items.

Efficiency UNITED also offers rebates through their Home Performance and Appliance Recycling programs.  Ask our local representative, Jeff Forbes, for more information on these; 715-495-7604, or  
View utility rates, which went into effect January 1st, 2017.

The Norway-Vulcan area demonstrates a remarkable level of citizen engagement in organizations, volunteer work, and public events.  If you or someone you know is applying to a school, or applying for a job, remember that many colleges, universities, and employers look for volunteer work on candidates' applications and resumes. 

Thank you for your civic engagement.

There is now an attendant regularly staffing the entrance to Piers Gorge.  This is a part of Piers Gorge becoming one end of what will be the new Menominee River State Recreation Area.  Click here for more information.  This area is in its beginning stages, and updates on its development will be shared as they become available.  This project is expected to have a positive impact on public safety and on our local economy.  We appreciate your cooperation with our new Piers Gorge staff.

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