City Hall's normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday,
from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Norway's City Hall and Public Utilities departments will be closed on Friday, July 3rd, in observance of Independence Day.
Have a safe and happy holiday.
Link to Independence Day on the Community Calendar
immediately below to see that day's schedule of events.

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Next summer, we'll celebrate the City of Norway's 125th birthday--in a big way.  We're currently seeking sponsors and volunteers to help our community's Norway 125 event meet its remarkable potential. 

Visit Norway 125's website to find out more!

Busy Wheels at the Norway Library

Enter the world of firefighting on Wednesday, July 1st, at 1:00 p.m., at the Norway library!  This program will highlight our local volunteer firefighting heroes of the Norway Fire Department and the important job they do to protect our community.  They will be bringing fire gear and an airpack, staging a mock rescue, showcasing a safety demo, and using volunteers from the audience for a full firefighting experience!  This program is perfect for all agesCheck out the Dickinson County Library's website to find more fun ways for your family to enjoy this summer.
Pictured above:  Matthew Couillard, Logan Couillard, and Emily Cummings.  Photo courtesy of Dickinson County Library.

What and Where to Recycle

Our compost site, for use by City residents, is located at the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) just off US 8, south of Danielson’s Greenhouse (the physical address is N1700 US Highway 8). Compost items include grass clippings, leaves, and brush; drop off these items daily, at no charge.  

We have a recycling container, also for use by City residents, located at the Department of Public Works (DPW; 400 Tenth Avenue).  Recycle paper, #1 and #2 plastics, and tin cans.  We have two dumpsters for scrap iron.  We do not take cardboard.  Recycle daily at no charge; scrap iron must be dropped off during normal hours of operation (non-holiday weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).                                          

Residents of any city or township in Dickinson County may bring used oil and batteries to the Dickinson County Solid Waste Processing Facility (Great American Disposal) in Quinnesec (W7702 US 2), at no charge.  They collect tires for a fee according to size.  They’re open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (noon).  On questionable items, call 774-5680 first.  For more information, link to
View, download, and/or print NEW utility service rates, effective July 1st. 

NOTICE:  Norway Cable Department customers can now choose from the following internet packages.

Basic - 1.5 meg for $32 (City) / $34 (Twp) 
Tier 1 - 10 meg for $42 (City) / $44 (Twp)
Tier 2 - 20 meg for $52 (City) / $54 (Twp)
Tier 3 - 30 meg for $62 (City) / $64 (Twp)
Tier 4 - 50 meg for $82 (City) / $84 (Twp)

Tier 1 - 10 meg for $47 (City) / $49 (Twp)
Tier 2 - 20 meg for $57 (City) / $59 (Twp)
Tier 3 - 30 meg for $67 (City) / $69 (Twp)
Tier 4 - 50 meg for $87 (City) / $89 (Twp)

Due to billing system functions, subscribers to Silver 5 meg will be automatically subscribed to the Tier 1 – 10 meg package.  Gold accounts will be assigned to Tier 2 - 20 meg, and Platinum to Tier 3 – 30 meg.  You have 30 days to try your new package, and may keep the new package or downscale your package with no Change of Service Fee.  The Change of Service Fee will be waived no more than twice within the 30-day period (once to try a new package, and once more to decline it).  Any third change of service, even if within the 30 days, will incur a charge.  

Changes to email accounts through Norway’s Cable Department are taking place as well.  Please ensure that you've logged into webmail, and updated all devices that you currently use to access your email (Outlook, Apple Mail, smartphones, tablets, etc.), by June 22nd.  Use this link for instructions:  For additional assistance, call a CCI Technician at 855-337-9299.

View our 2014 Water Quality Report.
Apply for a sewer credit this year.
There is also a credit available for those who will be filling a full-size pool.  Inquire about eligibility and scheduling by calling City Hall at 563-9961, extensions 200, 201, or 202. 
Rebate Off Your Bill 2015

Efficiency UNITED is offering customers of the City of Norway's Department of Power & Light opportunities to decrease the electricity charges on your utility bill while improving your home’s--and your business's--energy efficiency.  The more energy-efficient your building, the less it costs to power in the long run.

To participate in this year's Rebate Off Your Bill program, please follow these easy steps:
1.  Save your receipt from the ENERGY STAR®
purchase.  (Eligible items may be purchased at any location.)
2.  Save proof of the item having ENERGY STAR qualifications. 
(Example:  A product label or description.)
3.  Bring both items to Norway City Hall at 915 Main Street, or the Department of Power & Light at 1000 Saginaw Street.


*Eligible items and rebate amounts are subject to change; this listing is accurate only until February or March of 2016.  New listings are posted as they become available.   

CFL bulbs, 9W-26W; $1.00
LED bulbs, 40W-100W; $4.00
CFL fixtures; $8.00
LED fixtures; $8.00
Ceiling fan including Energy Star light kit; $10.00
Clothes washers, MEF 2.2 - Electric WH Gas OR Electric Dryer; $50.00
Clothes dryers; $50.00
Dehumidifiers; $25.00
Dishwashers, Electric Water Heater; $50.00
Room air conditioner; $25.00
  6.0 Television, 41" or larger; $50.00

See the eligible commercial items.

Efficiency UNITED also offers rebates through their
Home Performance and Appliance Recycling programs.
Ask our local representative, Jeff Forbes, for more information; 715-495-7604, or  
Detroit Tigers 2015
If you're a community member with an interest in the Jake Menghini Historical Museum, or simply in trying something new, consider becoming one of this season's summer guides. Visit the museum's page, use their contact info, and ask about it!  The museum is already open for summer tours, featuring a special display celebrating the 50th anniversary of the consolidation of Norway and Vulcan schools.  Find out when tours take place, and how much tours and memberships cost.
Go Outside & Play; you could win a contest, and a Fumee Lake hoodie, as a result!  The Fumee Lake Commission is holding its Photo/Essay Contest.  Send photos of your favorite Fumee scenes, OR write a short essay about your experience(s) at Fumee.  Each month, the commission will select a prize-winning photo AND an original essay that best depict our extraordinary area (two hoodies per month will be awarded).  This contest is proudly sponsored by Northern Michigan Bank & Trust.  View contest rules, and check out Fumee's upcoming events on our Community Calendar or Fumee's Facebook page.
There is now an attendant regularly staffing the entrance to Piers Gorge.  This is a part of Piers Gorge becoming one end of what will be the new Menominee River State Recreation Area.  This area is in its beginning stages, and updates on its development will be shared as they become available.  This project is expected to have a positive impact on public safety and on our local economy.  We appreciate your cooperation with our new Piers Gorge staff.  Click here for more information.

2015's ordering phase of our planting program is now at an end; we can no longer take orders for trees to be planted this year. 

Nevertheless, the information found on our Forestry & Spring Planting page (get there from Parks & Rec) will give you a good idea of how our program works, and how you can use local knowledge to optimize your participation. 

This year's planting report, written (very well) by local forester Otto Jacob, contains information worthwhile to be familiar with, and is still applicable for any resident planting on their own initiative.  

Thank you to every resident who has participated in our Spring Planting Program.  Your contribution benefits our community now, and will continue to benefit our community in the future.

Got a question about problem trees?
Click here to find general guidelines.
The City of Norway is no longer selling dog tags.  You can now purchase dog tags from the Dickinson County Clerk's Office.
To operate an ORV in the City limits of Norway without a guardian you must be 18 years old or possess a valid driver's license and ORV Safety Certificate.  Violators will be cited with fines and fees in excess of $100.00.

Riding adjacent to the railroad tracks is trespassing on railroad property and subject to charges.

Copies of the ordinance & maps are available at the Norway Police Department during regular office hours.

Ordinance, map, licensing, and permit information are available on the ORV Use sub-page of our Parks and Recreation page.