About Norway
The City of Norway is a casual, North Country community which values outdoor activities, community events and a peaceful co-existence. With a population of some 3,000 residents, the community offers a progressive blend of small-town charm with convenient access to life's other necessities. With an eye always towards the future, the City of Norway has offered these benefits to its residents since 1889. watch our video

Our mission is to provide essential services to the residents of our community ensuring continuation of our quality of life.

Specific City Information
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On a historical note, the first iron mine was established and named "The Norway Mine" by the president of the local mining company, a Scandinavian named J.J. Hagerman. The city developed from the mine's location. It is a subject of local debate whether the mine was named for the country of Hagerman's ancestors, or for the Norway Pine (red pine) which grows abundantly in the area. It is clear, however, that the city owes its name in some fashion to its Scandinavian heritage. Read more of our history from local resident and author, Judy Carlsen. Click here to download the pdf: Where Did Norway Get Its Name?

Visit the Norway Historical Museum for more information, family trees, or other interesting information.

A History of Norway
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